Staff of Hope

Route of the Prayer Walk

We will begin the walk at the Intercity bridge, by the LCBO, in the Heart of the City, and proceed down the sidewalk to the East End Bridge and down McKenzie Street, smudging the streets where human trafficking takes place, down Cummings Street, where brutal murders have happened, smudging the streets, down May Street to George Street, down to the Thunderbird at the Waterfront where the statue of the Thunderbird is by the water, Water is Life and put our prayer pouch and offering will be made.

Covid-19 protocols are important to follow, so bring a mask and maintain social distancing of 6 feet for people outside of your social bubble. Due to provincial regulations we are restricted to 25 people.

We will be offering an event every full moon for healing and understanding why we celebrate every full moon as women, and men who protect. All sacred items are welcome (pics, signs, hand drums, chinupas, etc) We are proud, we are beautiful, we are the first people of this land, called Turtle Island, stand strong with the seven sacred teachings in your heart and spirit as we continue to seek justice and equality to live a good life…mino bimaadiziyin